UAE Refuses To Lift Ban On Social Apps


Image result for facebook, whatsapp, skype app on a phoneThe UAE refuses to lift ban on social networks, like whatsapp and skype etc.

Amidst the covid-19 saga the UAE places ban on social networks, and for the longest time, the people are crying out aloud for the government to lift the ban on the social platform to help the staying home, quarantined phase to move by a little bit easier. They kind of listened but not completely.

They (UAE) announced on Tuesday that it was lifting its ban on two VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platforms: Microsoft’s Skype for Business and Google Hangouts. It also has made video calling platform Zoom available.

Amidst all this, they didn’t lift the ban on the platforms the people actually wanted. WhatsApp, Facetime and regular Skype remain blocked for voice and video calls, meaning residents typically have to use fee-based services from one of the country’s state telecoms providers.

“JUST. LET. US. USE. THE. APPS. THE. REST. OF. THE. WORLD. USES.,” Dubai resident Nick Regos tweeted last week, in response to Du announcing it’s offering of free internet calling for its customers on a new app called Voico.

This simply shows the disapproval the people have against the new formed app, one might even add that they are revolting against it. “No one uses Voico or whatever it is called. You want me to ask my 85 year old father to download this onto his phone do you and set it all up? Ridiculous,” tweeted user James Raff.

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