Uber Eats Now Delivers Food To Customers Due To The COVID-19

Food Service, Ube Eats, is now delivering food ordered by customers to help them fill up the gaps the COVID-19 has caused

According to a news report by Uber Eats partnered with supermarkets, convenience stores, and other businesses to offer home deliveries of essential items.

The company partnered with a supermarket in France, Carrefour to offer 15 deliveries from its Paris stores. A news report also revealed that the company also partnered with Galp in Spain to deliver items from 25 petrol station convenience stores, and in Brazil, it is offering deliveries from local pharmacies, pet shops, and convenience stores.

For those who do not know Uber Eats, it is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014 and based in San Francisco, California. This whole delivery thing is however not a full initiative from Uber. It diverted to deliveries because customers are cutting unnecessary travels due to the COVID-19.

Customers in Paris can get their deliveries within 30 minutes by placing their orders through their app or over the phone. The company aims at offering a smaller selection of essential food items as well as hygiene and cleaning products.

The service is expected to be launched on April 6 and delivery fees will be suspended throughout the rest of the month. As well as its partnership with Uber Eats, Carrefour has also partnered with Spanish start-up Glovo.

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