Uber Introduces new feature to let riders ´´discreetly´´ report their drivers

Uber´s new feature lets riders ´´discreetly´´report drivers

Uber has updated it´s app to let riders ´´discreetly´´ report their drivers in cases that might not come off as an emergency but still make them feel unsafe. Uber listed examples like a driver passing inappropriate comments, harsh braking or even not paying attention to the road.

In recent times, Uber has made it utmost priority to pay more attention to drivers and recognise that even drivers can equally be victims, too. The company released it´s first comprehensive report for the year 2018, showing that 3,045 sexual assaults occured during Uber trips. Not to mention the 9 murders during Uber rides and 58 deaths caused by auto related crashes. In the same light, Uber drivers also reported being victims of assault at almost the same rate as riders.

Uber new app lets riders ´´discreetly´´ report drivers

The new feature is intended to give riders the opportunity to report inappropriate rider behavior during a trip, when it’s on the top of their mind, rather than at the end of the trip. The feature is available starting today in the US and Canada.

“By eliminating barriers to reporting safety issues, our goal is to encourage more reporting which will ultimately help make the app safer for everyone,” Uber says.

Hopefully, riders report more plausible cases instead of insignificant ones, like drivers not making conversations during a trip. Undoubtedly, it is evident that riders already get the upper hand with the rating system and reporting system on the app, this feature will only boost that.




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