Uber now allows female drivers in Saudi Arabia


Uber now supports female drivers in Saudi Arabia, but will only be opportune to convey female passengers

Just a while after the Saudi granted the female citizen the right to drive, a bill that was approved sometimes in the middle of 2018, thanks to the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. For this new course, female citizens are now open to some services that have remained a taboo for female gender over the years. Uber, for instance, is now accommodating female drivers in the latest news, however, there is a ‘but’ to this- the cab-hailing company will only allow a female to drive only if you are to convey a passenger of the same gender.

While the gender restriction was not bound by government law, an Uber study showed that 74 percent of Saudi women drivers were only interested in driving women, hence the reason why Uber made the rule official across the Nation in this case. Furthermore, the new rule also has to do with reports that reveal that female drivers were sometimes being harassed on duty in some cases and to avoid government intervention, Uber had to make a swift and smart move in order to avoid unnecessary issues.

Uber said it currently has no plans on expanding the feature globally. Nor is there word on plans to offer women riders a similar driver preference. There have been countless reports of female users and drivers of both Uber and Lyft suffering abuse and harassment, and that was the main reason for deploying the new feature.

Seizing the opportunity, Uber and its rival-turned-subsidiary Careem, launched respective initiatives to train and recruit the incoming wave of female drivers. By October last year, Careem claimed to have 2,000 registered women drivers on the road, while Uber only had a “handful,” according to a reliable source.

In addition to what has been stated, the Saudi Arabia Government also announced new regulations to ensure a “comfortable” working environment for women. The directives, issued by the Ministry for Labour and Social Development in January, emphasized that employers must create “a suitable environment for women to carry out their responsibilities” and ensure that women are paid equally with men.

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