Under Armour’s HOVR is an app-enabled shoe that allows you to run smarter


In the advent of self-lacing shoes, Under Amour wants you to rather run smartly instead of lacing smartly which is the latest trend

There has been a lot of effort in the shoe industry towards making smart foot-wears rather than just ordinary shoes. While this is not just an ordinary statement, shoe brand like Nike and Puma had made several attempts with similar focus, making smart shoes. Some of the attempted smart shoes ranges from self-lacing shoe to app-enabled samrt shoes that power up via wireless charging. However, Under Amour who is just joining the league wants to utilize a different approach entirely.

Under Armour has been making a major push into smart running shoes  for a couple of years now, and in 2019 the company is taking those efforts even further. This year, it plans to launch a suite of connected seakers(five, to be exact), starting with the HOVR Infinite. Pictured above, the Infinite is a $120 running shoe that can be paired to Under Armour’s MapMyRun app via Bluetooth, letting you keep track of your stats right on your smartphone.

The Infinite follows the HOVR Phantom and Sonic that were introduced last year, both of which will have their second version later this spring. Under Armour has also revealed the HOVR Guardian and HOVR Velociti 2, with the former being designed for long-distance running and the latter as a tempo trainer for smoother runs. As far as the Infinite goes, that pair is intended to be for every-day runs, including long-distance ones. Under Armour says the Infinite offers the runner a “consistent underfoot feel through an infinite number of miles.”

Under Armour aim to lure you into its smart shoe hoping that its technology will give you the best pleasure you deserve, especially in the advent of numerous smart shoes. That said, regardless of the connectivity aspects, whis is the most interesting part of the the HOVRs; it also aims to beat other brands in terms of comfortability, with the likes of  Nike, Adidas, Asics and other brands pushing hard in similar direction. However, Under Armour, despite its late coming hopes to stand out among other brands.

While someone reading this article would be interested in knowing what exactly the HOVR is capable of doing; of course, the main feature of all of these HOVR shoes is that they connect with MapMyRun, Under Armour’s run-tracking application. They have built-in sensors that measure your cadence, distance, pace, stride and steps. Using the data collected by the shoes, which they can do without being paired to your phone, MapMyRun gives you tips on how to improve your pace and splits by changing your form, like if you should be taking shorter or longer strides during your run. Outstanding right? I guess YES. Furthermore, the UA updated its companion app with a personalized gait-coaching feature, which analyzes your stride and uses that info to give you tips on how to run with less effort and reduce risk of injury.
With the brand aiming at providing an ideal running form with the coach suggestion on its app, the HOVR is already on sales on the brand’s website with a starting price of $120.



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