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US Court Dismisses Huawei’s Lawsuit Challenging Its Ban


US Court Dismisses Huawei’s Lawsuit Against ‘Unconstitutional’ Federal Ban

The U.S and China have been having issues since the former banned federal agencies from using the products of the latter in 2018. Huawei reacting to the ban sued the U.S calling the ban “unconstitutional”.

The District Judge, Amos Mazzant who ruled over the case said the Congress, in fact, has the right to ban federal agencies from using certain companies that they feel is a threat to them. “Contracting with the federal government is a privilege, not a constitutionally guaranteed right—at least not as far as this court is aware.” The judge said.

The Chinese company is, however, considering other legal alternatives to fight the case. In a statement, it said, “the approach taken by the US Government in the 2019 NDAA provides a false sense of protection while undermining Huawei’s constitutional rights.

It was recently reported that the company accused the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) of what it called “political persecution”. Ever since the ban on Huawei, the company has not been able to carry out its business the normal way.
We hope they are reconsidered by the U.S government so that the business of Hauwei can bounce back


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