US Is Reportedly Considering a Trade Ban Exemption For Huawei

Huawei Shipped 200 million smartphone

The United State Of America may consider a trade ban exemption for the Huawei smartphone brand following several requests for special licenses

The Huawei brand has been subjected to the US Commerce Department’s de facto blacklisting for months now, however, the narrative may soon take a new turn considering that there has been a lot of request for special licenses from various American companies, especially with respect to the 5G technology.

In the latest report, there are approximately 260 requests for a special license with the Chines brand, and a majority of them are from the American companies. While these numbers are quite hilarious, given that it is coming from a location that initialized a trade ban against Huawei in the first place.

On that note, sources are of the opinion that, a trade ban exemption could be possible moving forward, however, US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, although made claims that licenses allowing US companies to deal with Huawei would arrive “very shortly”; she went further to add that companies should assume they won’t get a license, even if the US expects to approve “quite a few” of these exceptions. That, I assume she meant companies should play safely on their anxiety.

At the moment, there is no provision for the names of companies that have filed for the said trade ban exemption, however, it is obvious that the ban has affected some companies more than the other, and one major example of them is Google, among several others.

On the flip side, Telecoms company may not be as lucky, even if things turn out to be just as hoped. The Huawei ban was largely prompted by concerns that China might push Huawei to spy on Americans through cellular equipment, and the FCC has even proposed banning telecoms from using Huawei hardware– those companies that do receive exceptions are most likely to have little to do with telecom infrastructure.

To some extent, this could be good news for the Chinese phone maker, although, given that the exemption is still under consideration, it is still early to decide if it is one that will last for long or not.


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