Venture for Africa Initiative launches Tech Fellowship Program; Registration ongoing

There’s never been a better time to put your skills, talent and passion to work for the companies that will undoubtedly be playing a significant role in leading Africa’s post-COVID reality.

These were the words of Tobi Lafinhan the co-founder of Venture for Africa; a remote, 3-month paid fellowship program, while announcing the launch of the new initiative on their official blog.

Lafinhan noted that Venture for Africa is a fellowship program designed to fill talent gaps in Africa’s startup ecosystem by enabling top local and global fellows to access opportunities at leading startups in Africa

Though a new initiative led by Aaron Fu, Tobi Lafinhan, Thea Sokolowski, and Stephanie Gogo, participants would access expert mentorship to grow specific skill sets, gain local experience in-market, and work on real projects for startups, who would evaluate them for hire at the end of the program.

The Fellowship Initiative to be named the VFA C19 Remote Fellowship which is set to kick off its 1st cohort in June is now open for applications and the following start-ups will feature in phase 1.

Sokowatch — a fintech startup and logistics provider in East Africa, that enables small merchants to purchase inventory for their shop on-demand, with same-day delivery, and purchase on credit. The company recently raised a $14M Series A and is working with the Kenyan government on initiatives to provide coupons used to purchase essential goods to underserved Kenyans via Sokowatch Dukas, or merchant shops.

OkHi — a KYC and digital addressing system which enables businesses — from delivery services to emergency responders — to more easily and accurately locate individuals without the need to call them or use landmark-based directions.

Turaco — a micro-insurance company which offers underserved customers in Kenya and Uganda insurance coverage for as little as $2/month, paid out via mobile money, in an effort to insure 1 billion people. The team recently launched insurance products which cover hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in their markets.

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