Video calling feature will soon be available on Messenger Lite

Video Chat soon to be

Facebook announced, that its Facebook Messenger Lite App, which is a lower data consumption version of the conventional Messenger, would soon have a video calling feature.

Facebook says that 17 billion video calls were made using the Messenger App in 2017, which is double the number of users from the preceding year. This essentially proves that video calling has become an inevitable aspect of modern trend of communication, because it helps bridge the distance barrier in communitcation.

Just like Facebook, Facebook lite runs on a lower data consumption and this is the experience of  using messenger lite App, which was introduced late in 2017.

The interesting thing is that those who use Facebook Messenger Lite will soon be able to make video calls on their Apps, which is less than 10MB, if you are interested in having it on your phone.

This is great news because it is faster to download when compared with the conventional Messenger App, which uses more data to download.

Are you wondering how it would work?

Well, there would be no complications to using the App, because Facebook Messenger Lite video calling would work as smooth and easily for users who are familiar with the conventional Messenger App.

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