Here are five popular video calling Apps you should know

video calling apps

Communication has been made easier.  It is better and faster too. This is possible because communication Apps have been designed with features that bring loved ones, friends and even business partners closer than just voice calls or messages.

So, be it a long distance relationship or a simple business conversation, there are Smartphone Apps that make video communication easy. Here are four Video call Apps you can download on your Smartphone to bridge the visual distance gap, when communicating.


This App has a billion downloads on the Google Play Store and is the most popular video call App. Since its release in 2003, Skype has served as a blueprint for other Apps that have adopted the video calling strategy.

You could either signup with your Facebook account or by just using an email.

Once you are done setting up your account, you certainly want to share the fun with your friends. What are you waiting for? You can get you Skype contact from your Phonebook or by manually adding friends whom you already have their Skype IDs.

Making voice and video calls on this App is reliable as long as both parties have good internet connectivity.  


With five hundred million downloads on Google Play Store.  IMO is rated as one of the best video calling Apps you could download on your Smartphone. Since its release in 2007 has gained acceptance because you can text, voice call or video call a person or a group of people using the App.  

Once installed on your Smartphone, IMO prompts you to permit an access to your contacts. A list of friends on IMO pops up and you can proceed to invite friends that have not registered with the App.

IMO needs your phone number as a verification tool and not a long process of having to link to Facebook or your email. Unlike Skype, IMO is to use because all you need is your phone number and a functional internet connection to bridge the virtual distant between you and your loved ones who also use the App.

Facebook Messenger

For some reasons this App made this list because it is very popular on Nigerian Smartphones. With a billion download on Google Play Store. This App has been updated from just being a texting App for the Facebook App on your Smartphone to a more convenient Video calling App. If you intend to make a video call with a friend available all you need to do is to click the video icon located at the top right of the App, boom you are connected. The only problem you could have will be a poor network reception.


Android users I am sorry this is not your thing. Facetime is a popular video call app built-in all Apple devices. There actually no need to download this App just like the others. Unlike other Apps that have to manually updated, Facetime saves its user that stress of updating, as it automatically updates itself with the Operating System of your iPhone once it is updated.


This list cannot be complete without this App. WhatsApp has become the seventh wonder of Smartphone creation. This App is one of the most used and has over billion downloads on Google Play Store, with its updated feature WhatsApp enables both voice and video calls which even makes it more comfortable to use for all three purposes.  

You do not have to miss your friends and loved ones anymore, with good internet connectivity you can always get back into their lives without missing anything. Let me know if there are other video apps you use that have not been mentioned above in the comment box below.

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