Video Games Sales Spark Up In Covid-19 Pandemic

GP: Nintendo 201119We have all been asked to stay home, to keep safe and to also stop the spread of the ongoing covid-19 virus. Many major countries round the world have gone on lock down, and businesses that are not deemed as essential, are also closed down. So what are people doing to pass the time, when they have to stay indoors 24/7 round the clock.

The video game companies seem to be profiting off this, because playing games seem to be one of the ways people can occupy their time as well as manage to stay sane.

The Nintendo Franchise, with its latest installment, Animal Crossing which in the first 3 days of its debut in Japan, sold up to 1.8 million copies. And also in the UK, its sold more copies within its first week, than earlier installments that were already already available prior to this.

The game in question, however happens to be very interactive, and players can create avatars and really get involved with the game.

Piers Harding-Rolls, research director for games at Ampere Analysis said “Animal Crossing as a Nintendo (intellectual property) has never been a tier-one seller,” Harding-Rolls said. “This latest release has shifted the franchise to the big league.”

Niko Partners’ senior analyst Daniel Ahmad appeared to not be as surprised and fascinated as Harding. He said the game was “expected to be a strong seller out of the gate” but acknowledged its initial sales performance was “beyond expectations.”

They both came to a conclusion that the coronavirus situation has a huge role to play in increasing demand and use of the video game.

Also, being locked indoors, it is human nature to want to interact with other persons, the game provides an avenue for individuals to keep in touch and maintain communication.

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