Short video social app, Vskit hits a milestone of 10 million users in Africa


Vskit is cementing their place as One of Africa’s topmost entertainment platforms as they recently hit a milestone of 10 million users in Africa with more than half of the users emanating from Google play while the other half came from Palmstore, the app store of the Transsion Group.

Vskit is an app for creating and sharing short interesting and funny videos majorly for entertainment. It also has a uniquely crafted algorithm that accurately connects users to the content. Vskit is the first pure short video App focus only in Africa and has amassed such user growth within 8 months.

On Vskit; once a user posts a video, they can share their videos immediately on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or simply copy the link and share on their various social media platforms. It has a user-friendly interface, cool stickers, filters, special effects that represent several forms of unadulterated excitement.

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Posted by Vskit on Saturday, January 19, 2019

It’s a module for creating unique content. It also has the means to propagate videos to various social media channels which makes it irresistible for users and that has no doubt played a key role in ensuring the level of consistency the app has delivered continuously since its inception.

Vskit presents a platform for self-expression as users especially young people yearn for an opportunity to showcase their talent(s) to the world, tell a story based on their habitual life activities or simply act silly or in hilarious fashion participating in a trendy challenge.

A typical example of such talents that has been able to utilize the wide reach and uniqueness of Vskit to project their skillset to the world is “Shez_cute” who acquired over 100,000 fans within the space of 3 months by generating creative videos that have since become favourites amongst many users.

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