Vivo Finally Joins The AR Glass Business

You will now have an alternative option for AR glasses other than the likes of Oculus, and Microsoft Holo Lens

While Vuzix joined the list not quite long, Vivo has finally signed up to the AR glass business as well, marking the latest entry so far. Also, while it is new to the business, it is coming with an entirely different approach; the smartphone brands are planning a 5G device, and it hopes to launch it alongside the AR glasses which is quite a different bargain from other company who often launch it as a single device, except for the likes of Sony who launches its own for the use with PlayStation.


Image result for Vivo Ar glass

The announcement of the device was made during the ongoing MWC event in Shanghai. The prototype product is simply called the Vivo AR Glass and is a relatively lightweight headset with two transparent displays and 6DoF tracking. It connects with a cable to Vivo’s as-yet-unnamed 5G smartphone, which is also being demonstrated this week.

If you are wondering what the Vivo lens will be used for, the company says it will be able to handle activities such as gaming, office work, “5G theatre,” facial recognition, and object recognition. A promotional video posted by the company shows users playing games at the dinner table, getting told an acquaintance’s name, and sitting on their sofa surrounded by virtual jellyfish.

For now, there is yet to be an official statement about the pricing and availability of the device, however, the 5G phone is set for release in the third quarter of this year, so we can hope to see the lens launch around the same time as well since they will be working side by side. Vivo is framing the announcement as part of a shift to a new brand strategy where it’ll offer products like smartwatches, AR glasses, and headphones to sit alongside its 5G smartphones.

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