Volvo will limit drivers to a top speed of 112 mph


Volvo seems to be worried about fatalities while driving on very high speed and so the automobile industry is planning on limiting drivers of its next-gen cars to a reduced top-speed

Volvo announced on Monday that it wants to review its upcoming cars’ top-speed, and this time around, instead of increasing it as most auto brands do, the Chinese automaker wants to rather reduce the top speed. The company emphasized more on reducing fatalities which are often caused due to reckless driving, and by reducing the top speed, the company feels that they might have just helped in a way.

Volvo affirmed that its next productions will only come with a limited top speed of 112 mph which is equivalent to 180 Km/h in a bid to reduce traffic fatalities. While the new speed limit plan is yet to be established, it promises to be implemented on all model year 2021 cars, the company said as an inclusion to there mission 2020 goal which agrees with a note that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo vehicle by 2020, at least, not because of speed. While Volvo may not appeal to a majority of people, especially because of their design which in most cases is not in alignment with what can be classified as quirky designs, however, the company has built its reputation on safety, and that is why the company is very cautious of car-fatalities, as it is against its policy.

Volvo’s new top speed, however, is still above what can be referred to as the legal measurement in most countries across the globe which is usually tagged between 120km/h to 155km/h, however, it is still a major one for the country. Also, Volvo will not be the first to advise or suggest a speed limit but will be the first to force it on drivers, as you cannot exceed the company’s provided speed limit. As a matter of fact, most luxury automakers limit their high-performing models to 155 mph, thanks to a “gentleman’s agreement” between Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW a number of years ago to reduce the number of fatalities on the Autobahn. But even at that, there is still a hiking number of car fatality.

For some reasons, I feel Volvo’s plan might affect their sales, but how exactly this will come to play is still very unclear. Why? maybe because people tend to be unattracted to a product that forces a limitation on its users- that’s in my own opinion though. Also, how do you want to convince the speed freaks to own one of the 2021 volvo, when he or she can’t even boast of speed. However, there is a ‘but’ to this; the company is implementing it with few exceptions. In an email to a reliable source, a spokesperson said the speed cap will not be possible to remove. “It can be removed only in special cases where there is a clear purpose, such as for police cars,” the spokesperson said. Furthermore, the new policy will not be applicable to the electric subbrand of the company, so it may eventually not become a concern as expected.

Volvo also notes that the other two problems that are responsible for car fatalities are intoxication and distraction. The company expects to present its plans for tackling these issues at a special safety event in Sweden on March 20th.


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