5 ways technology has enhanced childhood


5 Ways Technology has Enhanced Childhood

More often than not, people believe that the down sides to technology, especially when it comes to children, are drastic. Children are hindered and restrained from quenching their technological cravings which happens to be very normal and in fact healthy in younglings because of these beliefs. The list of negatives are endless, true, but the positives are enough to convince one into making the right decision for the younger ones. Here’s a couple of reasons why your little boy should have that video game and why your girl should  be allowed to express herself on social media. With guidance of course.

5 ways technology has enhanced childhood


Children have a very vast imagination. An imagination even adults, given the chance, would only explain with scientific formulas and philosophies and still not grasp. Many a time, this imagination isn’t exploited. It ends up as residue of dashed hope and dreams breeding regret and a lot of times depression. 

5 ways technology can enhance child learning

Technology has made a lot of things possible including fuelling the creativity of kids. The world has evolved from pencil, paper and crayon to graphics,design and animations. Children can now freely express themselves on their tablets and bring their vast imaginations to life by 3D and 3D printers. Maybe, just maybe we could get a Stan Lee back in these kids.


Ages ago the learning process was limited to materials like books and pens but with the emergence of computers mere learning is transcended  into actual experiences. Children can now watch Barnie read ‘ABCD…’ on electronic screens while learning in their elementary schools thereby making it a whole lot easier to assimilate.

5 ways technology can enhance child learning


There’s something about technology that enforces conceptualization. Maybe its the fact that you have all the tools available to you that would help you bring your ideas to reality. Imagine being able to see into the mind of your youngling using a few applications. Now imagine if all these possibilities were hindered because of some cliché believe that technology has bad effects on children. 

5 ways technology can enhance child learning


If your child happens to be into games, then you really should allow them because games have a game play experience called ‘survival mode’ that probes them to survive as long as possible in a game. This automatically instils the ability to persevere until they achieve a desired outcome whether educationally or in performing certain tasks. 

If by just playing video games children can become independent and persistent in getting results, imagine the vast possibilities we haven’t even explored waiting for you to come at them. If it’s moving to the next level in a game or overcoming a life/career challenge later in life, be guaranteed that your children are ready to make decisions, solve problems and achieve a goal without assistance.


Imagine your young one able to tap into his/her endless stream of creativity, conceptualise, solve problems easily and persevere until a problem is solved and a desired outcome is achieved. I’d say you have a budding entrepreneur waiting to sprout. You just might have under your roof the next generation of programmers, coders, bloggers and so on. Silas Adekunle probably began his journey from here so, why not your young one?

5 ways technology can enhance child learning

P.S: Ensure to be a part of the technological journey of your kids and an active part of their technological development by engaging in the things they do or putting them through. There are also a number of PG platforms out there to make things a lot easier for you as I shall not be responsible for how this article is interpreted.

5 ways technology can enhance child learning

*flashes a billion-dollar smile and flips hair* HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! 







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