We Have All Been Calling The ‘X’ Button On PlayStation Controllers The Wrong Name

PlayStation Controller

If you’re a ardent PlayStation player, then you will have pressed ‘X’ on countless occasions during your various gaming escapades… Except, no you won’t have.

That’s because there’s no such thing as the ‘X’ button.

Now, at this point, you’re probably itching to call this story a fat lie, however, no lesser authority than the people at PlayStation have come forward to deny the existence of our beloved ‘X’ button – claiming it is in fact the ‘Cross’ button.

Taking to Twitter, PlayStation UK said;

Triangle. Circle. Cross. Square. If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?

Chill, let that sink in for a second before you continue reading.

While the mere mention of a ‘cross’ button is enough to hurt the eyes, ears and soul, there is a rationale behind it – the points of a cross are all equidistant, unlike with an ‘X’.

So there you go, tough to argue with geometry, maths, shapes or indeed PlayStation, isn’t it? Anyways, I know a lot of people will still argue with this fact but I will simply equate it to when people decide not to vaccinate their kids, even when doctors and science both say that it is definitely a good idea – the main difference being that people calling a PlayStation controller button the wrong name is of absolutely zero consequence.

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