How WhatsApp business can help you double profit

whatsapp for business

Do you run a small-scale business? Know any friends or family members who own a small business? It is time you push the WhatsApp business App to them. WhatsApp Business has a similar logo with the conventional WhatsApp but the logo also has a bold B.

WhatsApp Business allows its users  to create a profile where you can input basic business information like your physical address and your email address. It also has a quick reply that enhances the process of communication between customers and business owners.

Android users, you just raise your voices in victory.  The Business App is only available on the web and Google Play Store. However, iPhone users do not yet have access to the App.    

Another feature that makes WhatsApp Business different from the traditional WhatsApp is the colour shade the App is designed in. while the conventional WhatsApp is designed in green, WhatsApp is designed using the teal shade of green.

These amazing features can help you double profit when you opt for WhatsApp Business.

Add Business Information

Your ability to create a full profile of your business makes it easy for customers to locate your establishment using Google Map under the business category. You could also be very precise with your working hours. You also get the option to add an email address and two website URLs in addition.

This information will be visible to the customers when they view your business profile from their account.

Set a Greeting Message

Customers who message you for the first on your profile or for the first time after two weeks get an automatic greeting message, which you have customized as a form of hospitality medium. This feature is similar to the way you greet a customer who works into your office or shop for the first time. So, if you own a business make your customers feel special the first day the send you that message with a customized greeting message unique to your business.

Set Away Message

Like the greeting message feature, you can customize an away message on your WhatsApp Business. This automatically sends to your customers while you are away.

WhatsApp Business offers three types of schedules for your away messages. You can either set a custom schedule or choose Out of business hours option, but both activate automatically at their respective times. You can also use the third option.

This feature is different from the greeting message, which is sent to new customers, and those who have been inactive for two weeks, this feature sends a customized message to all your contacts at all times if you select the Always Send option.

Insert Quick Replies

Now, this amazing feature is necessary if you do business. You may be wondering why it is an awesome feature. WhatsApp Business lets you create shortcuts to your frequently sent messages.

This saves you the stress of copy and paste.  All you need to do to access the Quick reply message feature is to enter / and all the quick messages you have created will pop-up. For instance, your payment medium maybe the information a customer needs all you need to is save it in your Quick reply.  

View Message Statistics

You can track the number of message sent, delivered, read, and received under Business settings > Statistics.

This feature is also available under the normal WhatsApp Settings > Data and storage usage > Network usage for traditional and Business app both. 

Facebook the mother App of WhatsApp is a very useful tool when it comes to social media data analysis, this feature will certainly be used to assess business growth in due time.

Business Profile Label

For now business profile verification is not open to all yet, but profiles created on WhatsApp Business are registered and referred to as Business profiles and get business account labels.

A customer can easily check if they are interacting with an individual profile or a business profile. All business profiles have custom labels next to the contact’s name.  

Despite the fact that profile verification is not open to all yet does not make it impossible to identify a business profile from an individual account.

Apart from these features mentioned above, WhatsApp Business remains similar to your traditional WhatsApp. You can register a business account without being a registered business owner, but WhatsApp will soon have a verification process, which will help identify genuine businesses in the future.

WhatsApp Business is perhaps the most interesting conventional business App today. We believe that this App will gain more acceptance as its download rate grows when compared with that of the personal WhatsApp, which sits at a billion on Google Play Store. Do let us know what you like about the WhatsApp Business app in the comment box below.


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