WhatsApp could be working on a fingerprint feature

According to a new report, it appears that WhatsApp could be working on a new biometric authentication feature. This would allow users to keep their favourite cross-platform messaging app locked using their fingerprints. As we all know, WhatsApp itself doesn’t offer any protection, meaning your conversations can easily be accessed by anyone if you don’t secure your phone. Even if you do secure it, anyone who gets their hands on your phone when it’s unlocked can steal a glance at your messages.

However, with this authentication feature, users will be able to lock the app using their fingerprints. It will provide another layer of security and will be a great option for those who often have to hand over their unlocked phones either to friends or family members for whatever reason.

No word yet on when this feature will be rolled out but it is good to see that the Facebook-owned company is working on it.

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