Why are Samsung phones still exploding

In 2016, the internet broke with reports of 38 exploding Samsung Note 7 hurting users, which led to the brand’s decision to recall most of these devices back to the factory, because it had been assumed to be factory related issue with the battery of these devices.

Now moving on two years down the line Samsung has manufactured two other high-end phones have been made yet the brand has also had a relatively backlash with the current explosion of two S7 devices in Nigeria.

No clear explanations have not been made as to what caused the explosion of these two S7 devices in Nigeria, but the basic reason maaybe found towards the tail end of this post.

However, is Samsung Nigeria going to stay mute when the safety of Nigerians using these devices is placed on the slab?

Why do Phones even explode?

There are two major causes, when a battery explodes, but the effect cannot be captured in terms of its damages.

The  first cause may be a puncture on the battery, which can be caused by constant dropping of the given device, which causes a damage on the thin compact dividers holding the battery’s internal circuits in place.

A constant contact of these internal circuits will result in an overheating reaction that could result in a swelling and potential explosion.

Recently Lenovo recalled its ThinkPad XI because, there were untighten screws that caused its battery to get heated and to explode.

Aside factory faults that can be recalled by the brand another potential reason for an exploding phone is the use of fake batteries and bad device chargers.

This in most cases comes as a cheaper alternative for the original substitute, which is mostly not available for customer consumption when general considered in terms of changing and swapping when there is a need to do so.

However the case, Samsung Nigeria has to come forward to answer these assumptions, the brand is liable to explain to its users what has gone wrong with its 7 series, because it has become a reoccurring feature on the brand and that does not spell well for the brand.

Will the brand be expecting a recall of the S7 series anytime soon?

Will there be a proper explanation as to what the brand has not gotten right with the construction of its 7 series?

Let us however anticipate that Samsung Nigeria will take precautions to explain properly through its PR unit why the users should feel safe using these devices.

Two devices have exploded so far and nothing has been said, we however expect an explanation.



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2 years ago

This is a bad image to Samsung device,they should quickly a way to stop this because they runs out of customers.

2 years ago

I think they should resolve this problem quickly if not I think they are all going to loss costumers