World’s First 3D Printed Homes Are Being Built In Mexico

When it comes to creative technology, I doff my cap. For those who are yet to know, the world’s first 3D printed homes are currently being built in Mexico.

I know you are surprised as I am but what can we do as 3D printers have chosen to prove its efficiency. The technology will be playing its role in the world’s first 3D printing community. The project will consist of 50 3D printed homes whose primary goal is to combat homelessness in the world.

It takes up to 24 hours to print the design of the houses, making it easier for the architects to build two houses at a time. The houses which consist of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms are 500 square feet in size.

Note that the houses will not entirely be built in 3D because human assistance will be needed for some particular task. Such tasks include attaching the roof and doors, plumbing.

The 3D printing will, however, help carry out most of the building process, which will make it faster and more efficient than building a regular building which takes months or year to complete.

Housing non-profit organization New Story that provides homes and 3D printed homes to people living with inadequate shelter is behind the project and is working in conjunction with the International Council of Nanotechnology (ICON) which is providing the construction and 3D printing expertise.


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