Xiaomi Announces 30W Mi Charge Turbo Wireless Charging For Mi 9 Pro 5G


Xiaomi recently showcased its latest smartphone innovation, its Mi Charge Turbo tech. It is a wireless charging standard supporting the unseen-on-a-smartphone 30W speed. A 5-layer nanocrystal receiver coil was used with a conversion efficiency of 98 percent, which should help keep temperatures under control too.

The company claims that it will be enough to take a flat 4,000mAh battery to 50% in just 25 minutes. A full charge on the same size is achieved in 69 minutes. In comparison, the previous best by Xiaomi – Mi 9, which went to 20W – only charged 30% of its 3,300mAh battery in 30 minutes in our test.

Xiaomi also confirmed that the 30W Mi Charge Turbo will be making its debut on its upcoming Mi 9 Pro 5G flagship, which is coming this month. It didn’t clarify if the speedy charger will be included in the retail package or if you’d have to purchase it separately as with the Mi 9.

The company also announced that they are also developing 40W wireless charging standard and it is already in the testing stages. Previously, Xiaomi teased a 100W wired charger, but we are still far from seeing that in the actual product.

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