Xiaomi Mi Health App is Currently In the Development Pipe

Chinese OEM Xiaomi has proven over the years that it is more than just a cut-edge device manufacturer with the device of other technological commodities.

This has become evident in the manufacturing of wearables, Fitbits, earpieces, shirts and other items.

At the moment, Xiaomi’s Mi Fit rounds up all the data from Mi devices like the Mi Band, Mi, and Redmi phones and the Mi Scale, but apparently, the company is working to create a further-reaching app called Mi Health.

Currently, it appears the brand has reached the last MIUI beta build stage and the App will share a lot of features with the Mi Fit.

As it stands, the App is not open to general usage as the developers of the App have withheld uploading it for general usage thus, potential users of the App must have the Xiaomi beta program for China or must have a completely rooted their smartphone to suit.

The new App allows users to be able to track steps they have taken, measure sleep rate, which is included in the background. Also, there is also a menstruation cycle calendar, a tracker of exercise goals and BMI (Body Mass Index) and Health Scores on the new App.

At the moment, no one has answers as to why the brand has decided to create a new App for its wearable line and if the brand would be replacing the MiHealth and or the current Mi Fit for this new App, which is a lot compact and has a wider function.


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