You can now stand on lava or water using the Snapchat app


Snapchat has unveiled new sets of lenses that give you a slight idea of what it feels like to be avenger’s “doctor strange”

Although we can’t say for sure if that’s what they were going for. But, think about it for a second. This moment, you can be standing right on top of shimmering lava, and the next second the floor around you is completely flooded, all thanks to the newly introduced “Ground transformation” lenses.

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Snapchat’s augmented reality Lenses are already able to recognize landmarks and transform faces among other things. These newly introduced lenses can literally change the world around you.

The lenses which Snapchat refers to as “Ground Segmentation” lenses, make use of machine learning to understand the geometry of landscapes and then turn it into lava or a long-stretched body of water. It then applies special effects, such as reflections from the buildings around you to make it look more real. I don’t know if to call this spooky, or interesting, but it sure is a handy feature to help pass the time.

AR tools have moved from making modifications to our faces, and are now changing other things around us, soon they might be able to cover every single detail.

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