You Can ‘Zoom In’ Sound With The Note 10s’ Camera


The Galaxy Note 10 is an all-round beauty, and the same goes to the Camera which packs a lot of amazing new features that the company refers to as a “state of the art”

The Camera system is not the same as any of the previously launched Samsung devices, although it was built on the existing program, but of course, a lot of new interesting features to top the experience. As I have earlier informed, the device features a ‘state of mind’ camera system with overhauled video tools that allow users to focus on a particular part of a scene.

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The Camera system specifically features what is known as ‘Zoom-In-Mic’, and for me, is the best part of the camera system, or let me say it is the most appealing among the new features that Samsung rolled out. The feature can amplify audio and focus on sound happening in the frame while pushing out background noise.

While the feature was announced during the Unpacked event yesterday, it marked  Samsung’s audio focus feature in its pursuit for “Premium Video Technology,” a collection of what the company calls “pro-grade video” editing tools available on the Note 10.

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Other new features that debuted on the Note 10 also include “Live Focus Video,” which can add depth-of-field adjustments to videos that allow you to blur the background and draw focus to the primary subjects. Another feature removes bumps and shakes that result in blurry shots.

In addition, there is also a new “Super” steady stabilization feature that can be utilized while filming in Hyperlapse mode. According to Samsung, Note 10 owners should be able to edit clips with precision on their phone using the new video editor, which is compatible with the S Pen.

The company’s stylus is also now compatible with Adobe Rush, an even more advanced video editing suite that became available for Android devices earlier this year.

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