Your Tesla Will Soon Be Able To Stream Netflix And YouTube

Tesla has a massive in-car display and it can be used to games, obviously when it’s stationary, however, you will soon be able to stream your favourite content from Netflix and YouTube as well. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that Teslas will gain the ability to stream Netflix and YouTube in the near future.

Tesla has already brought quite a few games to the in-car displays found in its vehicles. Bethesda even announced at E3 earlier this year that Fallout Shelter would be supported for Tesla vehicles as well. Some classic Atari games have been released as well.

The games will only work when the car is parked and the steering wheel can be used as a controller. That limitation applies to Netflix and YouTube as well. Content can only be streamed when the car is parked.

Musk didn’t say when this functionality is going to arrive, though. He did talk about bringing YouTube streaming to the car at E3 this year. However, Musk does point out that once full self-driving is approved by regulators, the car will allow passengers to stream video when Tesla is driving itself.

This will no doubt be a welcome addition for those who often find themselves having a lot of time to kill in the car when it’s parked.

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