YouTube Adds Another Way of Earning Revenue, Selling Stickers

YouTube Stories is rolling out to more creators

A few months back, YouTube initially introduced a new alternative way through which creators can earn more revenue– by allowing subscribers to purchase a so-called super sticker. Now, in the latest development, the streaming service is rolling them out to all eligible creators in 60 countries

While YouTube has had to deal with competitive streaming platforms including the likes of Twitch, and Mixer; the Google-owned video streaming service is trying its best to ensure that it meets up with the high standards set by the respective platforms, especially with respect to revenue generation, in order to stay relevant in. Certainly, apart from creating unique content, making money through streams is also very important to creators, and as a result, YouTube wants to offer a wide range of revenue generation.

As for how the new revenue source works– When channels are running streams or video premieres, viewers can express their support by buying a sticker and dropping it in the chat. Streamers will take a cut when a viewer buys a Super Sticker.

YouTube Super Stickers

Also, creators will have the ability to moderate the Super stickers, although there will be provision for eight sticker pack (out of which five are animated), and will be available by default. The packs include bios that suggest context on when and why viewers might use a certain sticker.

YouTube will offer packs in several languages, starting with English, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. Creators will have to meet the same criteria as for Super Chats to enable Super Stickers. As of now, more than 100,000 channels have received Super Chats so far.

While the new development is quite a favorable one for many creators, it is an attempt by YouTube to ensure that it doesn’t loose numbers as a result of not improving on the ways streamers can make money.

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