YouTube Anti-harassment Policy To Include Creators And Public Figures


For video creators who love to create videos insulting another on the basis of race, gender expression or sexual orientation

According to the company, this policy exempts one even if the video is directed at celebrities, politicians, or any random person. The policy comes months after the video streaming website refused to pull down a video posted by right-wing commentator Steven Crowder which was criticized by the public for calling Vox video host Carlos Maza a “Lipsy queer.”

Following the public outrage, the company decided to reconsider its harassment policies. YouTube has banned direct threats like “I’m going to kill you” in the past. That means no brandishing a weapon while discussing someone, or altering a violent video game to put someone else’s face on a murder victim.

The company also bans targeted harassment campaigns. In an interview, the company said harassment on YouTube does not include only insults. Under the new policy, the company will be looking out for what creators are saying on their channels. If the content of their video goes against its policies, it would be taken down.

The company bans insults on race, gender expression, and sexual attitude. However, these apply to all individuals whether they are creators or not. The company is expanding a program that uses machine learning to identify potentially offensive comments and stick them into a holding pen where creators can decide whether they want the comment to appear under their videos. The feature has been turned on by default for most creators since earlier this year.

Speaking on the new policy, Matt Halprin, “We remain committed to our openness as a platform and to ensuring that spirited debate and vigorous exchange of ideas continue to thrive here.”

“However, we will not tolerate harassment and we believe the steps outlined below will contribute to our mission by making YouTube a better place for anyone to share their story or opinion,” Halprin added.

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