YouTube Makes Copyright Claims Easy For Creators To Address


The system can be a headache for creators, that is why YouTube has made it easier for creators to address copyright claims

The video streaming service has now decided to make things easier for creators with an update to the YouTube Studio Dashboard. Users now have a clearer view of which videos contain copyrighted material and have the option to quickly removing the offending sections.
The Videos tab shows a new column called “Restrictions,” which lets creators quickly see which uploads are affected by clicking through shows details like which parts of the video contain the offending media, who initiated the claim and who owns the copyrighted content. If the claim is for a piece of music, the user can replace or mute the track.

According to the company, it is working on the version with an adjustable endpoint. YouTube Studio Copyright Claims the update will help creators keep their videos monetized. However, companies still have control when it comes to copyright issues. Therefore, YouTube cannot interfere with creators and rights holders.

In a YouTube blog post, the company notes that there are many more updates coming in 2020. The updates will help creators operate copyright claim messiness that often plagues their experience.

The company is trying to make it easier to work with copyright claims, appeal ones they think are unfair, and stay alert for any crisis.

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