YouTube May Offer Showtime Kind of Sign Ups For Premium Users


YouTube aims at putting all streaming services in one site, in a bid to becoming one of the central hubs for online viewing

Although declining any comment, information sources have it that YouTube has spent the past few months speaking to a number of streaming providers to build partnerships that will allow sign-ups for their services through YouTube.

Sometime ago, YouTube introduced a sign-up with Showtime – an American premium television network. However, only YouTube’s premium subscribers have been able to enjoy Showtime on YouTube so far.

Again, this new development will only favor the premium subscribers which unlike the other, runs a paid streaming subscription service. This premium subscription provides advert-free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube. Users also have access to audio-only versions of videos, offline playback, background playback of videos on mobile devices and exclusive original content produced in collaboration with the site’s creators.

So far, no concrete information has been given, as to which of these service providers YouTube has tried speaking to these past months.

Whichever way, with this new cue it has taken from Amazon’s Prime Video Channels and the Apple TV app, this might just be YouTube’s chance of crawling into the premium space and also creating in-house offerings for viewers.

As it is, YouTube might be getting little or no revenue from these sign-ups. However, with this new development, YouTube might just give users one less reason to drift towards other competing sites.




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