YouTube’s annotation will no longer exist by 2019


YouTube’s Creator annotation section otherwise known referred to as a comment section will cease to exist by 2019

If you are well informed about YouTube, you will be familiar with the little space located just right below every video content, purposely made available for creators to leave details about their contents on the platform. While the feature has proved really positive over the years, especially when it is used as directories for the video content, it has also, however, stood a major problem for the platform, considering that a number of other people have abused the usage.

These dialogue boxes were often used by creators to add useful information to their uploads post-release or correct any mistakes missed during the editing process. Unfortunately, some particularly bad actors would plaster the entire video play area with annotations, many of which would whisk viewers off to a different website when clicked. However, things have gotten better since the initiation of an option to disable the feature, hence making the use of the annotation to gradually fade away. Well, while this option might not just be good enough to tackle the abuse, YouTube is planning to totally remove the feature from the platform beginning from January 15, 2019.

For those who have gotten value out of annotations without abusing them, YouTube’s decision could prove frustrating. For example, some older how-to videos utilized them to keep their information up-to-date over time. Next year, though, uploaders will have to begin relying on tools like Cards, End Screens, and the description box to achieve a similar effect.

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