Zoom Updates iOS App From Sending Out Data To Facebook

Zoom, a video conferencing app that allows co-workers to keep in touch while working from home has updated its iOS App to stop sending data to Facebook

According to the news report, it was sharing data to Facebook without disclosing the data sharing to customers. Zoom has however removed the Software Development Kit (SDK) providing data to Facebook through login.

In a statement by Zoom’s spokesperson, he said the company was not aware of Facebook SDK was collecting unnecessary data.

Here is the full statement:

“Zoom takes its users’ privacy extremely seriously. We originally implemented the ‘Login with Facebook’ feature using the Facebook SDK in order to provide our users with another convenient way to access our platform. However, we were recently made aware that the Facebook SDK was collecting unnecessary device data.”

“The data collected by the Facebook SDK did not include any personal user information, but rather included data about users’ devices such as the mobile OS type and version, the device time zone, device OS, device model and carrier, screen size, processor cores, and disk space.”

“We will be removing the Facebook SDK and reconfiguring the feature so that users will still be able to login with Facebook via their browser. Users will need to update to the latest version of our application once it becomes available in order for these changes to take hold, and we encourage them to do so. We sincerely apologize for this oversight, and remain firmly committed to the protection of our users’ data.”

In a news report, it was confirmed that the iOS app is no longer sending data to Facebook when opened

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