Zuckerberg replies Tim Cook with a shade, for his comment on his brand

Mark Zuckerberg Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Zuckerberg replies Tim Cook with a shade, for his comment on his brand.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has been caught in the eye of the storm in recent times and this has affected the investment of the company. But the company’s CEO still believes in the strength of his brand and its abilities to fill the voids it has created despite the scandals.

Zuckerberg is taking no chances at the moment with anyone trying to make his brand seem evil because of its mistake. The first person to get a touch of this reaction flame, is Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

Zuckerberg believes that Cook’s comment on Facebook was “extremely glib” he dismissed Cook’s argument in an interview with Vox  stating that Cook’s argument was totally insincere and shallow.

You know, I find that argument, that if you’re not paying that somehow we can’t care about you, to be extremely glib and not at all aligned with the truth.

He also went on to add that his company has no social class focus. Everyone could use Facebook and that is what has made it such a great success story.

“If you want to build a service which is not just serving rich people, then you need to have something that people can afford. At Facebook, we are squarely in the camp of the companies that work hard to charge you less and provide a free service that everyone can use. I don’t think at all that that means that we don’t care about people.

Zuckerberg was not done with Cook and his company yet, when he further added that

To the contrary, I think it’s important that we don’t all get Stockholm syndrome and let the companies that work hard to charge you more convince you that they actually care more about you. Because that sounds ridiculous to me.

Now, that a lot of reply to one reaction. I am still of the opinion that brands are allowed to defend themselves with as much intellectual prowess as they can summon. Kudos to Zuckerberg and these epic replies.


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